Working at Teijin Aramid means working with high-performance technology in an international environment. Our know-how is divided into a number of disciplines. Like Research and innovation,  marketing & sales and production. Furthermore for disciplines such as Supply Chain, QHSE, Information Management & IT, HR, Communication and Finance we have vacancies on regular bases.

Research & Innovation

At Teijin Aramid, Research and Innovation are more than just words: it’s at the heart of everything we do.  It’s what allows us to continue raising the bar for performance. Why, year after year, we invest over 4% of our turnover in research and development at our dedicated centers around the world. Why our patent portfolio now includes 146 innovations across 74 countries.

Solution 2.0 is a platform within the Teijin Group used to leverage the expertise and know-how across the Teijin Group to deliver innovative end-user solutions in cooperation with external parties. Solution 2.0 works by identifying the unmet needs of end customers where the Teijin Group could make a positive contribution.

Located in Wuppertal, Germany, the Application Competence Center (ACC) is a state-of-the-art Application &Development facility. By using the research laboratories and testing facilities here, our experts work closely with customers to develop new materials and products, as well as creating solutions for the application areas of ballistics, heat and cut protection, and friction.

Manufacturing & Production

In our Delfzijl plant we produce the raw material for our Twaron yarn. The principal materials produced here are the monomers PPD and TDC. They are combined in a closed process, and react to form our unique aramid polymer. In a separate installation, the solvents are removed so that they can be reused. Sustainability is key, both for our people’s health and safety and the environment. After the polymer has been dried, it is packed and transported to our Emmen plant, where it is spun into Twaron yarn.

Emmen is home to the world’s largest aramid factory! Here we produce our Twaron® yarn in around-the-clock shifts. We have three factories in Emmen. A spinning plant, converting and after treatment facilities and our Endumax® plant.

At the spinning plant the polymer we make in our factory in Delfzijl is dissolved and spun into Twaron® yarn. Part of the production yield goes to our converting and after treatment facilities, where we process it in accordance with the customers wishes. For instance, by processing it into pulp, twisting it, cutting it into short pieces or applying a special coating.

Marketing & Sales

Wuppertal is home to a large part of our Sales & Marketing Department, our Application Competence Center (ACC). Here we work on ballistic solutions, protective clothing, friction products, sealing materials and specialty paper products for customers around the globe.

Our Wuppertal team works in close cooperation with our Research & Development Center, our production sites and our other international sales offices all over the world in Conyers (North America), Sao Paolo, Pune, Shanghai and Tokyo.

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